Peter John PURCHASE and Magdalene KOGLER, 9 March 1957

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Marriage Certificate



Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Special Provisions) Act 1957
Marriage: out of the United Kingdom, Command British Army of the Rhie at HQ Field Record BAOR
Application Number: 43261-577435/2
No.: 50
Date and Place of Marriage: Ninth March 1957 at Essen-Kray, Germany
Groom - Name, Surname and Nationalty: Peter John PURCHASE (English)
Groom - Age: 19
Groom - Condition: Bachelor
Groom - Rank or Profession: Dvr 23233312 R. Sigs.
Groom - Residence at the time of Marriage: 18 Army Group Sig Regt, British Forces Post Office 34
Groom - Father's Name and Surname: Alfred Purchase
Groom - Rank or Profession of Father: Musician
Bride - Name and Surname: Magdalene KOGLER (German)
Bride - Age: 21
Bride - Condition: Spinster
Bride - Rank or Profession: Presser
Bride - Residence at the time of Marriage: Roonstr, 11, Stoppenburg
Bride - Father's Name and Surname: Joseph Kogler
Bride - Rank or Profession of Father: Builder

Married in the Standesant Essen by German Law by me. (Signed) Heinisch, Registrar. This Marriage was solemnized between us, (Signed) P. Purchase and M. Kogler, in the presence of us, (Signed) Eleonor Kogler and Heinrich Borcheld.

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