Arthur William PITT and Agnes May WILLIAMS, 10 February 1898

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Marriage Certificate



In the Colony of Tasmania. CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE.

Number: 414
District: Hobart
Register No.: 8
On: 10th day of February 1898
At: 293 Macquarie Street
Marriage By: License
Was celebrated between us according to the: Rites of the Wesleyan Church
Bridegroom - Name (in full): Arthur William Pitt
Bridegroom - Residence, Present: Argyle St. Hobart
Bridegroom - Residence, Usual: Argyle St. Hobart
Bridegroom - Age (last Birthday): 24 years
Bridegroom - Profession or Occupation: Carman
Bridegroom - Condition: Bachelor
Bridegroom - Birthplace: Longford, Tasmania
Bridegroom - Father's Name (in full): Thomas Pitt
Bridegroom - Father's Occupation: Deceased
Bridegroom - Mother's Name (in full): -
Bride - Name (in full): Agnes May Williams
Bride - Residence, Present: (Illegible)
Bride - Residence, Usual: 227 Murray St. Hobart
Bride - Age (last Birthday): 22 years
Bride - Profession or Occupation: Domestic
Bride - Condition: Spinster
Bride - Birthplace: Kingston, Tasmania
Bride - Father's Name (in full): John Williams
Bride - Father's Occupation: Labourer
Bride - Mother's Name (in full): Mary Ann Gearman

This Marriage was celebrated between us (Signed) Arthur Pitt and Agnes Williams, In presence of us Witnesses Catherine E. Cuthbert, Macquarie St Hobart and Bessie Wrigley, Scarsdale Victoria.

The above Marriage was duly celebrated by me at the time and place above named, and in the presence of the Witnesses whose Signatures are above written. Witness my hand this Tenth, 10th day of February 1898. (Signature) Samuel Cuthbert, (Designation) Wesleyan Minister.

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