John HINCHEN and Alice DALEY, 9 November 1885

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SCHEDULE D. 1885. MARRIAGES solemnized in the District of St. Kilda East in the Colony of Victoria.

No. in Register: 650
Where and when married: St Mary's Church, St. Kilda, Ninth November 1885
Groom - Name and Surname: John Hinchen
Groom - Condition: Bachelor
Groom - Birthplace: New York, United States America
Groom - Rank or Profession: Tile Layer
Groom - Age: 36
Groom - Present Residence: St Kilda
Groom - Usual Residence: St Kilda
Groom - Parents: Daniel Hinchen and Brigid Cooney
Groom - Father's Rank or Profession: Labourer
Bride - Name and Surname: Alice Daley
Bride - Condition: Spinster
Bride - Birthplace: Mount Blackwood, Victoria
Bride - Rank or Profession: No Particular Occupation
Bride - Age: 21
Bride - Present Residence: Prahran
Bride - Usual Residence: Prahran
Bride - Parents: Thomas Daley and Ellen Murphy
Bride - Father's Rank or Profession: Labourer

I, William Henry Quirk, being Roman Catholic Priest do hereby certify that I have, this day, at St Mary's Church, St. Kilda East duly celebrated Marriage between John Hinchen of St. Kilda, Tilelayer and Alice Daley of Prahran, Gentlewoman after Notice and Declaration duly made and published, as by law required. Dated this Ninth day of November 1885. (Signed) William Henry Quirk.

Marriage, by licence, was solemnized between us according to the Rites of the Catholic Church. (Signed) John Hinchen and Alice Daley. Witnesses: W. J. Gurling and Thos Daley.

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