Thomas DALEY and Ellen MURPHY, 10 August 1854

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Marriage Certificate



SCHEDULE C. 1854. MARRIAGES solemnized in the District of Bourke.

Registration Number: 2146
No: 217
When and where Married: 10 August 1854, St Paul's Church, Melbourne
Groom - Name and Surname: Thomas Daley
Groom - Condition: Bachelor
Groom - Children of each former marriage: -
Groom - Birthplace: London
Groom - Rank or Profession: Plasterer
Groom - Age: 26
Groom - Present Residence: Russell Street
Groom - Usual Residence: Do.
Groom - Parents: John Daley and Margaret Magner
Groom - Rank or Profession: Carpenter
Bride - Name and Surname: Ellen Murphy
Bride - Condition: Spinster
Bride - Children of each former marriage: -
Bride - Birthplace: Cork, Ireland
Bride - Rank or Profession: —-
Bride - Age: 25
Bride - Present Residence: Russell Street
Bride - Usual Residence: Do.
Bride - Parents: Jeremiah Murphy and Ann Cahill
Bride - Rank or Profession: Farmer

FORM OF DECLARATION. We Thomas Daley and Ellen Murphy do hereby declare that we are Members of the Church of England. Married in the Church of St. Paul Melbourne according to the Rites and ceremonies the Church of England, By (or before) me, (Signed) ??? Batten, Officiating Minister. This Marriage was solemnized between us (Signed) Thomas Daley and Ellen Murphy, In the presence of us (Signed) Edward Hamsteain and ???? Browne.

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