Thomas DALEY, 1 February 1908

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Death Certificate



SCHEDULE B. 1908. DEATHS in the District of St Kilda in the Colony of Victoria. Registered by Blanche E. Manley.

No.: 8685
When and where Died: 1st February 1908, Chapel Street, City of St. Kilda, County of Bourke
Name and Surname: Thomas Daley
Rank or Profession: Builder
Sex and Age: Male 79 years 8 months
Cause of Death: Cardiac degeneration
Duration of last illness: Not given
Medical attendant by whom certified: Dr. W. Vance
When he last saw deceased: 29th January 1908
Name and Surname of Father: John Daley
Rank or Profession: Merchant
Name and Surname of Mother: Mary Daley m.n. Magnia
Registration Number: 3985
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Frank Garson, Authorised Agent, 177 High Street, Prahran
Signature of Deputy Registrar: Blanche E. Manley
Date and Where Registered: 4th February 1908, St. Kilda
When and Where Buried: 3rd February 1908, St Kilda General Cemetery
Undertaker by whom certified: F. Garson
Name and Religion of Minister: W. Martin
Name of Witnesses of Burial: M. Garson
Where Born: London, England
How long in the Australian Colonies: In Victoria, 54 Years
Where Married: Melbourne, Victoria
At What Age: 26
To Whom: Ellen Murphy
Issue in Order of Birth: John Henry Deceased, George 51, John Henry 49, Charles Deceased, Ada Ellen Deceased, Alice 43, Minnie Deceased, William Edmond Deceased
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