John Henry DALEY, 8 February 1927

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Death Certificate



THIRD SCHEDULE. 1927. DEATHS in the District of MELBOURNE EAST in the State of Victoria. Registered by Lydia J. F. Clarke.

No.: 6204
When and where Died: 8th February 1927, 159 Gipps St, Jolimont Ward, East Melbourne, County of Bourke
Name and Surname: John Henry Daley
Rank or Profession: Investor
Sex and Age: Male 68 years
Cause of Death: Hepatic Carcinoma, Hemiplegia
Duration of last illness: 3 months, 7 days
Medical attendant by whom certified: Dr. C. Trood
When he last saw deceased: 7th February 1927
Name and Surname of Father: Thomas Daley
Rank or Profession: Investor
Name and Surname of Mother: Helen Daley formerly Murphy
Registration Number: 2450
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: W. Mutimer, Authorised Agent, 138 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Signature of Deputy Registrar: Lydia J. F. Clarke
Date and Where Registered: 12th February 1927, MELBOURNE EAST
When and Where Buried: 8th February 1927, St Kilda Cemetery
Undertaker by whom certified: Roy A. Sleight
Name and Religion of Minister: H. R. Sleight
Name of Witnesses of Burial: W. A. Murray
Where Born: Blackwood, Victoria
How long in the Australian Colonies: From Birth
Where Married: Melbourne
At What Age: 25
To Whom: Helen Rokorzki
Issue in Order of Birth: Severin dead, Leonard dead
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