Elizabeth Ellen PURCHES, 29 January 1988

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Death Certificate



Document: New South Wales REGISTER OF DEATHS
Surname of deceased: PURCHES
Other names: Elizabeth Ellen
Occupation: —-
Sex and Age: Female 95 years
Marital status: Widow
Date of death: 29th January, 1988
Place of death: Bondi (2/16 Dudley St.)
Usual residence: 2/16 Dudley Street, Bondi
Place of birth: Nottinghamshire, England (25 years in Australia)
Father - Surname: KILBRIDE
Father - Other names: Patrick
Mother - Maiden surname: MURPHY
Mother - Other names: Florence Columbus
Place of marriage: England
Age at marriage: 19 years
To whom married: Alfred Percy Purches
Children: Amy 74 years, Alfred 72, Albert 69, Arthur deceased, Leslie deceased, Peter deceased, Herbert deceased, Ellen 57, Cyril 56, Sylvia 54, Patricia 52
Informant: P. Purches, daughter, 2/16 Dudley Street, Bondi
Cause of death: I(a) Pulmonary oedema 2 weeks (b) Cardiac failure 2 weeks (c) Ischaemic heart disease 5 years, II Bleeding peptic ulcer, Chronic iron deficiency and anaemia, Mild diabetic
By whom certified: C. Gross, Medical Practitioner
Particulars of burial or cremation: 1st February, 1988, Windsor Lawn Cemetery, Richmond
Registrar: V. M. Bennett, Principal Registrar
Date: 17th February, 1988
Number: 4825

I, Vernon Mark Bennett, Principal Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages do hereby certify that this is a true copy of particulars recorded in a Register kept by me at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Sydney, New South Wales, Australa. Dated: 4 May 1988. (Signed) V. M. Bennett, Principal Registrar.

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