Desmond Griffith JONES, 24 December 1972

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Death Certificate



Registration Number: 45909/1973
Document: DEATHS registered in the District of Sydney at Hornsby
in the: State of New South Wales
by: Kenneth Patrick QUINN, Assistant District Registrar
Place of registration: Hornsby
Mo. in Register: 11
Surname of deceased: JONES
Christian name: Desmond Griffiths
Occupation: Student
Sex and Age: Male, 19 Years
Date of death: 24th December, 1972
Place of death: Foster's Pool, Glenorie
Usual residence: 1351 Old Northern Road, Glenorie
Place of birth: Southampton, England
Length of residence in Australia: 10 years
Father - Christian name: Ivor Desmond
Father - Surname: JONES
Father - Occupation: Invalid Pensioner
Mother - Christian name: Ellen Alice
Mother - Maiden surname: PURCHESS
Place of marriage: Never married
Informant: I. D. Jones, Father, 1351 Old Northern Road, Glenorie
Cause of death: (a) Accidentally drowned in the waters of Colah Creek. Inquest dispensed with at Sydney on 20th March 1973
By whom certified: J. A. Dunn, Coroner
Particulars of burial or cremation: 29th December, 1972, Catholic Cemetery at Botany
Undertaker or Superintendent by whom certified: William H. Timmins Pty Ltd
Name and religion of Minister: T. Johns, Roman Catholic
Names of witnesses: D. Riley, F. A. Booty
Registrar: K. P. Quinn
Date: 9th January, 1973

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of particulars recorded in a Register in the State of New South Wales in the Commonwealth of Australia. SYDNEY, 12 October 2017. (Signed) Registrar.

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