William Edmond DALEY, 28 December 1867

Attached To

  1. William Edmond DALEY - Child
  2. Thomas DALEY - Father and Informant
  3. Ellen MURPHY - Mother
  4. John Henry DALEY - Brother
  5. George DALEY - Brother
  6. John Henry DALEY - Brother
  7. Charles DALEY - Brother
  8. Ada Helen DALEY - Sister
  9. Alice DALEY - Sister
  10. Minnie DALEY - Sister

Birth Certificate



Year: 1868
BIRTHS in the District of: Blackwood
in the Colony of: Victoria
Registered by: David Grieve Stobie, Deputy Registrar
No.: 815
When and where Born: Twenty eighth December 1867, Golden Point, Blackwood
Name and whether present or not: William Edmond, Not Present
Sex: Male
Father - Name and Surname: Thomas Daley
Father - Profession: Storekeeper
Father - Age: 39 yrs
Father - Birthplace: London
Marriage - When and Where married: 10 August 1854, Melbourne
Marriage - Issue Living and Deceased: John Henry Deceased, George 11 Years, John Henry 9 Years, Charles 7 Years, Ada Ellen deceased, Alice 3 years, Minnie 1 year
Mother - Name and Maiden Surname: Ellen Daley formerly Murphy
Mother - Age: 38 yrs
Mother - Birthplace: Cork, Ireland
Registration Number: 1063
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: T. Daley, Father, Storekeeper, Golden Point, Blackwood
Accoucheur, Nurse by whom certified, and Names of Occupiers or other Witnesses: None, Mrs. Burnett, None
When registered and where: 22 January 1868, Blackwood
Signature of Deputy Registrar: David Grieve Stobie
Name, if added after Registration of Birth: (Blank)
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