John Severin DALEY, 17 July 1887

Attached To

  1. John Severin DALEY - Child
  2. John Henry DALEY - Father
  3. Helene Rakowski - Mother

Birth Certificate



SCHEDULE A. 1887. BIRTHS in the District of Richmond in the Colony of Victoria, Registered by Edward Croker

No.: 8751
When and where Born: 17th July 1887, Church Street, City of Richmond, County of Bourke
Name and whether present or not: John Severin, Not Present
Sex: Male
Father - Name and Surname: John Henry Daley
Father - Profession: Bank Clerk
Father - Age: 29
Father - Birthplace: Victoria
Marriage - When and Where married: 12 February 1887, Richmond
Marriage - Issue Living and Deceased: No Issue
Mother - Name and Maiden Surname: Helena Daley formerly Rakowski
Mother - Age: 26
Mother - Birthplace: Fitzroy, Victoria
Registration Number: 23155
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Jdalia Rakowski, Aunt, Farmer St, Richmond
Accoucheur, Nurse by whom certified, and Names of Occupiers or other Witnesses: Dr. Donigan, Mrs. (Illegible), Mrs. ? Rakowski
When registered and where: 25th August 1887, Richmond
Signature of Deputy Registrar: (Signed)
Name, if added after Registration of Birth: (Blank)
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