Ivor Desmond JONES, 28 June 1924

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Birth Certificate



Certificate: Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth
Given at: The General Register Office
Application Number: W011714
Registration District: Pontypridd
Year: 1924
BIRTH in the Sub-district of: Rhondda South
in the: County of Glamorgan
No.: 181
When and where born: Twentyeighth June 1924, 64 High Street, Cymmer, Rhondda U.D.
Name, if any: Ivor Desmond
Sex: Boy
Name and surname of father: --
Name, surname and maiden surname of mother: Katie Jones, a Domestic Servant
Occupation of father: --
Signature, description and residence of informant: Katie Jones, Mother, 64 High Street, Cymmer
When registered: Seventh August 1924
Signature of registrar: E.T. Davies, Registrar
Name entered after registration: (Blank)

CERTIFIED to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a Register of Births in the District above mentioned. Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE under the Seal of the said Office, the 19th day of October 1995.




Name and Surname: Ivor Desmond Jones
Sex: Boy
Date of Birth: Twenty eighth June 1924
Registration District: Pontypridd
Sub-district: Rhondda South

I, Clifford John, Superintendent Registrar for the Registration District of Pontypridd, do hereby certify that the above particulars have been compiled from an entry in a Register in my custody. Witness my hand this 30th day of March 1953. (Signed) C. John, Superintendent Registrar.

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