George DALEY aka John DRAYTON (1856-1940)
Gender: Male
Born: 24 September 1856, Mt. Blackwood, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1940

Name Variations

Name at Birth: George DALEY
Professional Name: John DRAYTON

John Drayton was an Australian journalist and was clearly related in some way to the Hinchen family. Amongst his belongings currently in the possession of the family were several artefacts that directly relate to the Daley family, including a book of poems given to Alice Daley from her brother George; as well as letters addressed to George Daley. Donald Thomas Hinchen is recorded as his nephew on his death certificate and surviving members of the Hinchen family knew him to be the brother of Alice Daley and uncle of Donald, John and Robert Hinchen. All other known members of the Daley family have been traced in Australia, but no trace can be found of the death of George Daley. Instead particulars in records known to relate to John Drayton match those particulars expected of George Daley. Ancestry DNA tests performed on known members of the family have confirmed that John Drayton is a direct descendant of Thomas Daley, the common ancestor of the family members tested.


Father: Thomas DALEY (1828-1908)
Mother: Ellen MURPHY (1828-1899)

Spouses and Partners

  1. Maude Alice WARD (c.1870), married 25 June 1894


  1. John Henry DALEY (1855-1856)
  2. John Henry DALEY (1858-1927)
  3. Charles DALEY (1860-1868)
  4. Ada Helen DALEY (1862-1866)
  5. Alice Maud DALEY (1864-1950)
  6. Minnie DALEY (1866-1893)
  7. William Edmond DALEY (1867-1868)
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