Rick and Lyn's Genealogy

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Welcome to our genealogy site, Rick and Lyn's Genealogy. It is our attempt to document our family histories and connect together the many families that have contributed to who we are today. We have lots of ancestors and many thousands of cousins around the world. If you are one of them, please join this site and contribute what you know, or just drop by and say hello. You will always be welcome.

Our main surnames are JONES, CLEARY, PURCHES/PURCHASE, LEIST and HINCHEN, but a quick look at our Surname Index will show you all of the other connected names. There are plenty of them.

Our families' privacy is very important to us. We do not publish details of any living person to anyone who is not a confirmed member of the family. If you would like to participate in future research, or have access to information of our living relatives, please join.

Genealogy is never ending. We built our knowledge on top of the research that was carried out in the last century by curious uncles and aunts. It is hoped that others will build on our research too, long after we are unable to do so.

Genealogy is fun. It is hard to describe the elation when you manage to put together the pieces of a puzzle that you have been working on for months or even years. The research itself is fascinating, delving into times and places that are long gone. If you want to help, please JOIN US.

This site is not just about publishing facts or stories. It is a collection of historical records, indexes, photographs and previous published works; a repository of information so that others may easily find what the family has taken over a century to locate and preserve. We welcome any photographs, memorabilia, facts, opinions, stories - indeed contributions of ANY kind.

We have recently added discussion boards so that topics can be discussed and research carried out co-operatively. They are also the perfect place for planning a family get together.

Please get involved. Family is important. Those who came before us contributed to our very makeup. Without them, we would not be here. Our ancestors lacked the tools and mobility to properly research their family histories. We owe it to them to ensure that they are never forgotten. We owe it to future generations to preserve these histories for them, so that one day they may take up the call.

All the best,

Rick and Lyn Jones
Sydney, Australia

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